29. September, vjoon @vjoon
Together with our partner ensemble we will attend at the Mobile Content Summit in London - let´s meet up!
25. September, vjoon @vjoon
Videointerview LePoint: @vjoonK4 adds new possibilities for large scale magazin production
22. September, vjoon @vjoon
Meet us at the Mobile Content Summit 2nd October 2014 at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London
18. September, vjoon @vjoon
Congrats to our customer Apotheken Rundschau @AU_de - Germany's most popular media brand right after @bild
18. September, vjoon @vjoon
The new # iPhone 6 making the big screen the norm for mobile publishing? via @journalismnews
17. September, vjoon @vjoon
Interesting analysis by @adobe : Tablet use in Germany is significantly behind the rest of Europe
12. September, vjoon @vjoon
We are excited to announce our #partnership with @FluxConsulting - they will strengthen our presence in the US!
12. September, vjoon @vjoon
Annual Reports: Automated Export of Required Data to Federal Gazette‘s Database by @mainblau #FoxAwards #vjoonK4
5. September, vjoon @vjoon
2014 FOX Special Award for Workflow Efficiency Goes to Siemens AG’s Annual Report Created with #vjoonK4 -
27. August, vjoon @vjoon
Congrats @kbnews : 11 projects honored as content marketing excellence at the CMA 2014! That's impressive! -