23. April, vjoon @vjoon
Registration for our #vjoonity in New York City is open: take a look at our preliminary program
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Always online: K4 Web Portal helps you to publish, collect and organize content within a browser - #vjoonK4
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Great interview @mfmilkowski: highly efficient multichannel production w/ #vjoonK4 @billboard @THR
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Lean management vs. creativity? Porsche Consulting explains how it works #agilepublishing #vjoonK4 -
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Annual business reporting: why the federal finance administration of Switzerland is working with #vjoonK4
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Workshop: get free expert insights for efficient publishing workflows with Energy Net & #vjoonK4 +
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Videointerview LePoint: @vjoonK4 adds new possibilities for large scale magazin production
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Join the vjoonity in New York on June 17 – Get inspired. Share experience. Enjoy.
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BASF gains 20% time savings and maximized its workflow efficiency for annual reports using #vjoonK4 -
11. April, vjoon @vjoon
Video: Malcolm Simms, CTO of Condé Nast International, explains the benefits of their worldwide IT harmonization –