20. Oktober, vjoon @vjoon
New video interview: Dr Norman Firchau from Porsche Consulting talks about lean principles in the publishing industry
16. Oktober, vjoon @vjoon
Annual business reporting: why the federal finance administration of Switzerland is working with #vjoonK4
14. Oktober, vjoon @vjoon
Registration for #vjoonity in Hamburg is open: take a look at our preliminary program here:
13. Oktober, vjoon @vjoon
This is SBB: Customer Magazine of the Swiss Railway - production streamlined by @vjoonK4
10. Oktober, vjoon @vjoon
Congratulations to @NewsweekEurope - the iconic magazine brand returned to profitability! #vjoonK4 -
9. Oktober, vjoon @vjoon
German corporate publisher BISSINGER+ opted for #vjoonK4 - read the news here
6. Oktober, vjoon @vjoon
This is how #BASF streamlines its annual report #workflow with #vjoonK4
2. Oktober, vjoon @vjoon
Meet us and our partner ensemble in London at #mcs2014 #vjoonk4
2. Oktober, vjoon @vjoon
Join us and @alanrutter at the roundtable discussion "workflows for cross-platform content production"
1. Oktober, vjoon @vjoon
Analysis by Flurry: Big-screened phones are taking bigger bites out of the handset market. Via @gigaom